Blog Break

As a Stay at Home mom, I have very little time to myself.

Its the cooking, cleaning, caring for kids, sorting out fights, cleaning up after the fight, blogging, trying to keep my lawn from looking like a overgrown patch of weeds, etc… by the end of the day, I am exhausted and usually just have enough energy to watch an episode of Bones and do some name indexing.

So that means I can really only have one hobby at a time. I have tried doing multiple hobbies at a time (crafting, cooking, etc, etc) but I don’t do any of them very well and I often have unfinished projects around the house. So I decided to just focus on one hobby.


I starting writing again. Novels. YA novels. I love to write, but I have never had the determination to finish a writing project.


Recently a friend of mine with the same passion and the same amount of kids got a publishing deal with a BIG publishing company. She is amazing and somehow manages to find time around here crazy schedule to work on this. I am totally jealous of her. Not that she got a book deal, but that she has the determination to keep at it, even though she has been rejected and written several different novels and other works.

I wanted that. I wanted that SO BAD. I wanted to write, I wanted to try to publish, even if I get rejected. I want to get an agent and try.

Recently I finished the first draft of my first YA novel. (EEEEEEE!!!!!!)

I’m working on the second draft and it is taking me longer than I’d like to admit. But I’m doing it. I’m trying to do something that I have thought about doing since I was a kid. Since the first time I read Harry Potter. Or Beauty. Or Wise Girl. Or The Moorchild. Or Dealing with Dragons.

This is hard, but I want to try. For a while.

So I might not be updating on a regular basis, but I’ll check in from time to time.

Wish me Luck!