Baby Weight – Part 4

Here is my latest before and after pics:


Before Pic

And currently:


I am getting there!

Although the holidays tried to kill my active lifestyle dead. So now I am back to Food Journaling. Which I hate.


Last week I went on a 6 1/2 mile run. My average was 14min miles. Because I picked the ICIEST day of the month to go running outdoors.

I was thinking, Hey it has been warm lately, so the snow has melted a bit so the side walks and bike trails should be clear. WRONG.

Two words: BLACK ICE.

I couldn’t go fast at all for fear of slipping and falling on my head. Also, the bike trail WASN’T cleared, so I ended up going through half a foot of snow with ice crusted on the top and scraped up my leg.

Also, PUDDLES. Icy cold PUDDLES.

My feet were soaked by the time I got home and I was FREEZING.

And my headphones ran out of power in the first mile

It was glorious.

Check out the pic I snapped on my run:


I love seeing all this glorious snow. I hate driving in it, but I love to see it. It sure makes the mountains pretty.

Maybe a half marathon is in my future. I love these long runs. What is your favorite way to workout?

Sidenote: I used to hate running. Loathed it. Why did they make us run in P.E.?? After #1 was born I was looking for something to help keep me in shape and I started to train for a half marathon. I was hooked. I love it. It makes me feel like I am on top of the world. Ahhh……




So we have a new baby at our house. YAY!

Another C-section, but honestly I am just grateful that he is here and that I am not pregnant any more. I sure dislike being hugely pregnant.

And now he is out of the “I must wake up ever two hours at night” stage and starting to sleep better at night. Although he did have a growth spurt a couple of days ago and we did some every two hour feeding again. He’ll even out especially.

I hate breastfeeding. Seriously. Not my favorite. I do it because it is cheaper than formula. WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY cheaper. I formula feed my first one after the first two months, and it got really expensive really fast. I weened as early as I possibly could to cut back on those costs. Eekk.

A couple of weeks ago I went to my Dr’s for the post op check up and of course they weighed me as part of the process.

I thought the scale was broken.

I had gained thirty-five pounds. THIRTY-FIVE POUNDS PEOPLE. So you have to take off five pounds because you always weight 5 pounds more at the doctors office, so 30 pounds. I never gained that much with my other two, the most being about 20lbs. My last pregnancy I only gained 10 pounds. I didn’t even wear my bigger ‘in-between’ clothes. Those same in-between’ clothes are now too small. Barley, but still. Much sobbing and tears all around.

So I’m officially on a diet. And I am working out again. Actually working out feels really good right now. It really helps with my anxiety/depression and helps me manage my day without losing my temper.

I want to document my experience. Just for posterity’s sake.

Here is my before pic:

Before Pic

Check me out! I don’t have a full length mirror, so we are going to have to make do. Please note that I don’t dress like that to work out. Usually I am in my pajamas of a baggy t-shirt and basketball shorts.

I have been working out for a couple of weeks by this point so we’ll just imagine what I looked like before.


I am using a calorie counter app. I am not religious about it, I don’t like to document every single thing I eat. I did do that for a week or so at the beginning just to give me a good idea of how much I should eat. Now I use it just to check how many calories something is if I am eating out or at a friends.

My real goal is to eat as much fruit and veggies (fresh) as possible. We eat salad for sides a lot right now. Also my snacks are almost exclusively fruit or veggies with protien (like apples and peanut butter or veggies and humus). If I am hungry and don’t want to eat anything healthy (say all I want is a cookie or a giant slice of cake) I drink herbal tea or Choffy to help with the cravings. I put a bit of honey in it and it seems to help. Sometimes, if I can get away with it, that is my snack.

I am breastfeeding, so I would rather over eat a little than under eat. I really do NOT want to lose my breast milk. I have also been eating a lot of oatmeal and flax seeds to help keep my production up. Also I drink an absurd amount of water every day.


We have Daily Burn on our Roku right now. I like it because for about 10 dollars a month you can get a large variety of workouts streamed directly to your TV. And they are not easy work outs (but they have beginner style work outs too). You can also customize your work out so you can get a new video up dated on your home page everyday.

I thinks gyms work too, but we really can’t afford the gyms in our neighborhood. They also do not have any childcare facilities available, and with my husbands schedule that just doesn’t work.

You can get a bunch of at home workouts on Pinterest which is what I do when I travel. Check out my Pinterest board “Fitness” for some suggestions. Daily Burn also has an app for your phone or tablet, so you can do those work outs when you travel.

The thing I DON’T like about Daily Burn is sometimes they have you using special equipment, like a variety of weights, balls and other equipment. I usually just work around them, but I have bought some weights. That is just a warning. They do have a bunch of body weight only exercises, so you have options.

I’ll keep updating my blog with my progress and hopefully some yummy, healthier recipes.

Here is my recipe for humus that I found on Pinterest, then tweaked:

Ranch Humus

1 can garbanzo beans

1/3 cup non-fat plain greek yogurt

1 tsp dried parsley

1/2 tsp dried granulated garlic

1/4 tsp salt

1/2 tsp dried dill

1/2 tsp dried onion powder

Drain and rinse the garbanzo beans. Add all ingredients to a food processor and mix until a smooth paste.

This is a great substitute for dipping veggies instead of ranch dressing. My kids love it too!

How I don’t gain a million pounds by eating all this food. Stay at Home Workouts!

I love food. REALLY love food. Good food. Not processed pre-made crap that you buy at the store. I like made-from-scratch, full-fat, butter-heavily-involved FOOD.

I also love crisp veggies, sweet fresh fruit and pretty much you name it I love it. (actually it took me some effort to like veggies, but I do now)

How on earth do I not weigh a million pounds?

Well, I don’t eat a lot of refined sugar. That actually has more to do with sugar making me physically ill rather than losing weight. I seriously have to limit my sugar intake or I get really cranky and really tired. I don’t have time for that. Also, we eat vegetarian three times a week. Did I mention that I am lactose intolerant? Good-bye dairy and ice cream…

I also work out five days a week for about an hour.

I like feeling STRONG. Where I can lift anything, do anything with out feeling too weak to keep going. I really wish I could do a gym member ship, but the ones closest to our house don’t have day care, so I would have to go at either 5:30 in the morning (which is hard for me to do) or at 7pm at night after the kids are in bed (I am usually too exhausted). They do have day care ones in the large city about 30 miles away, but we can’t afford the gas+gym membership to drive 30 miles three days a week.

Instead, I do this:

Right now on Amazon Prime there are several Jillian Micheal’s work out video’s available.

I do one 25-30 min. Jillian Micheal’s work out video (shred it with weights, Yoga Melt down or 6 week 6 pack abs, alternating between level 1 and level 2) then do a 30 min. workout on the Wii fit, that usually includes the jogging in place one for about 20 of those minutes. I do this Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday.

On Thursday, I’m usually pretty worn out from the week and the workouts so I do a cardo workout for an hour to let my muscles recover a little. I have a Billy Blanks Taebo cardio dvd that works really well. There is also a Billy Blanks Jr. video on Amazon Prime right now that is about 35 min. Then I do some more cardio on Wii Fit.

Then on Friday I do one of Jillian Micheal’s hour long videos (No more Trouble Zones or Banish Fat, Metabolism Burning Workout). Those are killer. REALLY killer.

Weights are a little out of our price range (they can run from 35-100 bucks for a full set) so let me show you what I use instead:


Did you know that these make GREAT adjustable weights? I fill it with water and use my food scale to see how heavy it is. I actually want to buy a bag of sand to be able to get them even heavier and not splash water every where. There is a wet patch on my living room carpet right now…

I have some bigger laundry detergent containers that I use in place of kettle balls. Works like a charm!

On Saturday and Sunday, I don’t do a formal workout. Saturdays we usually work in the yard or do other work around the house or shopping. Honestly, it just gets to be too much. According to the articles I have read on Pintrest (yup that doesn’t mean its legit) you really should allow your body two days a week to recover. Otherwise you are going to get injuries.

Also, switch up what you are doing. As different workouts become available on Amazon Prime, I switch it up. I also have an hour long yoga video I enjoy doing from time to time. This is mostly because I get bored, but also because your body will get comfortable if you do the same thing every day and quit building muscle and burning extra calories.

As I have been doing this, I have slowly lost about 6-10 pounds. When I say slowly, I really mean its been about 4 months. The thing I really measure is how strong I am getting. Like I can hold that crescent pose for an entire circuit rather than having to fake it half the time. I can do thirty push ups (YAY) rather than the not being able to do ten when I started. The weight really isn’t the goal here, it is getting stronger. Being able to do more.

I love feeling empowered like that.