9 rules about weigh ins – Baby…weight part 3

Since I have had to lose at least 10lbs with every kid, I have become an expert in the weigh in process.

Yes there is a process. Otherwise I start crying when I weigh myself.

Rule #9

THE DOCTOR’S SCALE ADDS AT LEAST FIVE POUNDS. Yes it does. Every time I get weighed at the doctor, I’ll go home and do my normal weigh in and I am ALWAYS five pounds lighter.

Rule #8

WEIGH YOURSELF NO MORE THAN ONCE A WEEK. Preferably every two weeks. Then you will see a greater drop in weight and get more excited. The first time I lost weight, I used to weigh myself every day, then get depressed if I had gained weight from one day to the next.

Rule #7

WEIGHT FLUCTUATES Yup. It can fluctuate up to five pounds during the day. Did you know that you tend to gain weight when you are on your period? Usually it is water weight and flushes out later, but seriously. Don’t weight yourself on your period. Yes I said period in public. You want an over all picture, not the up and down picture. If you gain a ton of weight over a two week period, then you need to re-evaluate.

Rule #6

WEIGH YOURSELF THE SAME TIME EVERY DAY. I like to weigh myself after I have worked out and before I eat breakfast. I figure that is the time I am the skinniest. It makes me feel better.

Rule #5

USE THE SAME SCALE. Different scales are configured differently. If you want to track progress properly, use the same (properly configured) scale. Right now I use the Wii fit, because I am afraid if a scale is more accessible I will use it on a daily basis. And I don’t want to do that.

Rule #4

ONLY WEIGH YOURSELF IF YOU FEEL LIKE YOU’VE LOST WEIGHT THAT DAY. I wait until a day when I’ve been really good in my eating habits and had a kick-a** work out. Usually I’ve lost a little.

Rule #3

ONLY EXPECT TO BE THE SAME AS THE LAST TIME YOU WEIGHED IN. That way if you are, it is okay. But if you’ve lost weight you can do a little happy dance.

Rule #2

THERE ARE OTHER WAYS TO TRACK YOUR WEIGHT LOSS. Like measuring your body or realizing your pants are a little big or checking your BMI or seeing if you can do more push-ups than you used to. Make sure to use more than one way to keep track of your journey. I like to see if I can do a Sun Salutation without having to flop on the floor after the chaturanga push up. Instead I can hoover off the floor and push directly up into a downward facing dog. I still can’t do this yet, at least this time around.

Rule #1

DO NOT BECOME EMOTIONALLY INVESTED IN THE NUMBER. With my first weight lost journey, I was dealing with postpartum depression and a reaction to some medication I was on, so I had major anxiety. If my weight was up, even slightly I would freak out and barely eat all day. I think I might have been anorexic, but I didn’t ever get scary thin or anything. I was just ANAL about my weight. Once I got off the medication, I managed to calm down and stopped weighing myself every day. And, oddly enough, I actually kept the weight off without obsessing.

The most important thing for me is to be healthy and feel better. When I exercise and eat right, I do feel better.  Anything else is just an added bonus.


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