10 things I LOVE about being a Stay at Home Mom

It seems like I have read a lot of blogs lately about moms complaining about staying at home with their kids or wishing that they had worked instead of being a SAHM. I couldn’t disagree more.

Every job I have had I have been completely replaceable. Mind you someone might not do as good a job as me (or might be way better) but in the end they could find some one to fill my shoes.

Not with being a mom.

Ever since I was a kid I wanted to be a SAHM just like my mom. Is it easy? No. And in a way, yes. Here are my top ten reasons.

10. No one can replace mom in my kids eyes. (see blurb above) They love me absolutely. Even when I mess up.

9. The smile on my son’s face when he rushes me demanding a hug. If I was at work all day, I would miss so much of that love and joy on his face.

8. Left over energy. I don’t have to give my kids my left over energy after being at a hard job all day. I can stop what I’m doing whenever I want (or just about) and play games with my sons or read books or just snuggle for a while.

7. Time with my boys. This is kind of like the last one, but I wanted to share a story. The other day my oldest was rocking himself in a rocking chair while me and his brother finished breakfast. I wasn’t really paying attention, I am really bad at reading a book while I eat (I’m trying to change that, meals are the best time to chat with my boys). Suddenly my oldest pipped up, “Mom I need to snuggle”. I needed to shower and I had a butt-load of chores to do, but those could wait for a moment. I snuggled up my leggy little sweet 4 year old and we snuggled for 15 minutes or so. Of course his little brother had to get in that action, so I ended up (9 months pregnant) with two adorable little boys on my lap. Heaven.

6. Discipline. I get to decided how and when to discipline my children. I also know what is more effective that if I spent most of my time away. The other day my oldest got out a coin jar (which he isn’t supposed to get), dumped out the coin jar and the jar was broken. I was upset because my grandmother had given me that beautiful blue glass jar and I had to throw it out. I will admit I kind of snapped at my son and made him clean up the coins by himself, but afterwords we had a wonderful discussion about saying “I’m Sorry” and what action we can do to make it better. I also had a moment where I had to say your forgiven (even though I was still pretty mad) because my little boy needed to hear it.

5. Teaching moments. I get to stop and teach my little boys occasionally through out the day. BEST EVER when they learn something new. I also get to teach them about God and Jesus Christ throughout the day, which helps keep God in our home.

4. I learn a lot from my children. I will be in a situation where I am trying to teach my boys something and I will learn something new. For example I was making my son do something he thought was hard the other day (taking the sheets off his bed….) he was bawling and throwing a fit, but I remained firm (he could do it. He did it all the time when I didn’t want him too). Afterwards we snuggled up on my bed and wiped away the tears. I said, “Sweetie, sometimes I ask you to do hard things because I know you can do them”. I was struck the profoundness of that statement. I’m pretty sure God does that to me!

3. Sick days. Seriously. I don’t have to scramble for a baby sitter or try to figure out what to do for work because I have to stay home with a sick kid. Instead we just get to snuggle up on the couch and watch movies or take naps. It is the BEST (have I mentioned I am an introvert??)

2. No set schedules. Some days we decide that we want to go on a walk. Other days we decide to go to the library. Or to the store. Or to the pool. But if we don’t want to go (or someone is throwing a major fit) we can stay home and play or read books.

1. I get to watch my kids grow up.  I get to watch every new mile stone as it happens. My 4 year old figured out how to put his coat on all by himself (including zipping it up) and it makes a momma proud. My two year old keeps learning new words and figuring out new ways to cause destruction. Gotta love it.

Am I condemning Mom’s who work? Good heavens no. Women work for various reasons, but don’t make what the public thinks of you one of them. You don’t have to achieve glory in the work place to be accepted. Seriously.

Also, there are women who HAVE to work to help or completely support their families. My MIL worked because of childhood trauma that she endured. It was torture for her to be trapped at home all day. There are lots of reasons why women work, and I’m not coming down on them.

I just wanted to share with you the reasons I love to stay at home.

PS, I am an introvert who loves to write (something I can easily do at home) so this suits me down to the ground. I also enjoy managing a household and cooking.

There are things that are hard for me. Child development. I really struggle with that, especially with my oldest. I’m never sure what I’m supposed to expect from him, but I did get some wonderful help from a local agency. I have a much better relationship with my oldest now. It also helps that he is in a wonderful preschool that helps me see what is normal or what is something I need to work on.

I do struggle with depression and anxiety, so some days are really hard.

I’m not a perfect mom. I’m still learning, every day. But I love to be at home with my kids. When I am having a bad day with depression, my two year old demands hugs with his arms wide open and a smile from cheek to cheek. How can you feel crappy after that??