A hiatus…

We took a hiatus. Actually I’ve barely been able to keep my house from being a disaster area (seriously, hard hats might have been required at one point).

You see, I’m pregnant. I found out in August and by September Morning Sickness (capital letters are intentional…there is nothing quite like Morning Sickness) had set in.

I’m lucky. I don’t puke all the time, all over the place, but I am pretty permanently queasy for six to seven weeks. That is the hardest thing for me, food that used to taste good, suddenly smells like Oh-my-gosh-I’m-going-to-throw-up. I couldn’t saute garlic. It smelled AWFUL.

We spent six to seven weeks eating freezer food, just trying to get through the day. My house turned into a disaster zone (see above) but we managed to survived.

Right after I got over the morning sickness (THANK GOODNESS IT DOESN’T LAST THE WHOLE PREGNANCY), Hubby went out of town and as soon as he got back (just in time for Halloween) I came down with the stomach flu. Really bad. (okay, side note, Hubby got the stomach flu a few days later, and he didn’t even throw up. He was better in a day.) Five days later I started to want food again.

Then the headaches started. OW. They hurt so much that they literally made me nauseous. ┬áIt was like having a second round of morning sickness. But they weren’t really migraines, just really, really bad headaches. Finally, after a week and a half, I called my doctor. He prescribed me some stronger pain meds that helped, but still didn’t solve the problem. Then I came down with a cold. The next day. Eurgh.

Have I mentioned that my pregnancies can be kind of rough? Of course, I don’t puke the whole time or on bed rest the whole time, but it is still uncomfortable.

Luckily, I usually have a few months in the middle of the pregnancy that I feel fairly normal. That’s when I get all the baby stuff put together and try to get a few things done for meal planning after the baby is born.

I do a LOT of frozen crock-pot meals. They are SOOO easy. I’ll try to get a few posted, as I have found some pretty easy/yummy ones.

By the way, my crock-pot has been my saving grace lately. Usually if I get something in the crock-pot in the morning, I will make dinner at night, but if I don’t, we eat peanut butter sandwiches. Again.

Luckily I buy bread in bulk from Costco (Huzzah Magic Powers!) I haven’t been baking bread lately because I, honestly, don’t have the energy.

I decided to try some essential oils for my headaches/illnesses. I really DON’T like taking pills when I am pregnant. I am pretty skeptical of essential oils, but I’ve heard of others having good luck. Its better than taking pills.

Did I mention that I am hosting Thanksgiving this year for my in-laws?? (Actually I’m really excited about that. My in-laws love me, and I love having them here. My kids love it too)

Also, my kids are adorable. They have been doing the cutest things while I have been sick, and I can just lay around and watch them. #1 comes over and tucks me in and gives me a kiss when I am lying on the couch. #2 will crawl up and snuggle with me, giving me kisses. Aren’t kids the sweetest??

NEXT WEEK: Thanksgiving – or How I Bought All My Pies from Costco This Year.