School Blues

Wait, school starts in two weeks??

When did that happen??

Montana winters are long and longer. And cold. I’m sure if you go in my blog archives you will see me whining about all the snow and how cold it is, etc.

But I am a tiny bit relieved that it will be fall soon. We don’t have an air conditioner. Why get an air conditioner for (literally) 2 months out of the year? It just makes your electric bill higher.

So we get kind of hot in the middle of the summer. But it has started cooling off at night again, so that keeps the heat in check during the day. Pretty soon I’ll be complaining about the cold again. 


Actually, I really hope not, we just got a wood stove in our den so when I get cold I get to cozy up to our awesome stove. Now I just need to buy a sectional for that room. Right now all we have in there is a decrepit single futon that needs to be SHOT. No seriously.


Also, we have to get wood for the thing. Which involves going up to the mountains to chop wood. Have you ever done that? Because we haven’t. Luckily a friend is going to take my hubby up with him and show him how. Before the snow starts falling in the Mountains, preferably… We have to buy a chainsaw…


My 4 year old is starting preschool for real this time. He gets to ride a bus and everything! Although every time I mention the bus, he starts to freak out. Hopefully I will manage to talk him into it by the time school starts. It would really be helpful…The bus comes right to our front door and has a Monitor from his class on it at all times. Also the school is a block from our house. 

ONE block. I think he’ll survive for one block…

He is totally excited though. I’m kind of excited too. It is wearing me out to try to keep that kid occupied all day. If he doesn’t get enough exercise or burn enough physical energy during the day, he will literally run around in circles until I make him stop.

I’ve been feeling a little worn thin lately, so I haven’t had the energy to chase him around. We started going to the pool again, just to wear him out. Usually it works, but it is also during #2’s naptime, so that makes it hard. School will wear him out, because they have play time and circle time, and all kinds of things to do. 

So HUZZAH for school starting.

Check out the random wild turkeys I saw at the park! Oh Montana..
Check out the random wild turkeys I saw at the park! Oh Montana..




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