Heat Wave

I’m supposed to get up at 6 and write for an hour before doing my morning workout all before my kids get up.

Yeah right.

I woke up at 6:30 this morning and messed around on Facebook/Instagram/twitter for about an hour. I’m kind of embarassed about this, but I didn’t look at any of those sites yesterday.

I’m blaming this all on the heat wave. It has been excrutiatingly hot and hazy around Montana what with all the fires. We live in a valley, so whenever smoke comes from Washington state, Oregon, even California it filters through our valley. Not to mention if any fires start around the valley.

Two years ago it was smokey (like standing next to a campfire smokey) for almost TWO MONTHS. I was pregnant with #2 so we hunkered down in our closed up house. That was worst its ever been. Usually we just have haze for a few days then it clears up for a few days before we get some more haze. All dependent on the wildfires, but we almost always have wildfires anymore.

Because of all the heat and the haze I have a personal goal not to turn on my oven. I even bought bread yesterday. AND hamburger buns. Did I mention that we don’t have A/C? Very few people do around here. Mostly because you only really need it for two MAYBE two and a half months. July-August.

I also had a goal not to turn on the dryer until October, but I failed on that one. When you have to do 4 or 5 loads in a day, it just won’t all fit on your clothsline.

We’ve been eating a lot of salads and things you can cook on the stove top. Or grill. Did you know you can grill potatoes? And zucchini? And pizza? I’ve heard you can do bread on the grill, but I haven’t tried it yet.

Here is my recipe for Grilled Potatoes and Zucchini:

3 medium sized potatoes (diced)
2 small (ish) zucchinis, diced- just not those giaganormous ones your neighbor always gives you that are the size of a baseball bat. You can use those ones, just use half of one, instead of two.
1 TBS Beef bullion
1 tsp Garlic powder
1tsp Onion powder
Salt and pepper to taste
Enough oil to coat veggies
(For the seasoning, you can also just use a pack of onion soup mix or ranch dressing mix. I hardly ever have those around so this is what I use)
Aluminum foil (I always pronouce this the British way in my head – AL-OO-MIN-EE-UM, true story)

Put all ingredients in a bowl or zip-loc bag and mix to combine. You really need enough oil to coat the veggies or it will stick to the aluminum foil and burn. Adjust spices as necessary (like if you think you need more, add more, etc)

Make a packet out of your tin foil, but make sure there is AT LEAST a double layer on the bottom of the packet. Or it will burn. Use your judgement here, you might need to make two packets if one will be too big to get on your grill.

Fire up your grill to medium low heat. You don’t want it to be blazing hot or you will end up with burned, undercooked potatoes. Put your packet of veggies on the grill and let cook for about 20 minutes. Check on them and move them around a bit to make sure all sides are getting nice and crispy. To test if they are done, stick a fork in a large chunk of potatoes. If it goes in easily then it is done. Otherwise, let cook for 10 more mins, or until done.

You can also add broccoli or mushrooms or what ever veg sounds good to you. Cauliflower is also a tasty addition!

During the winter, you can make this in your oven: 425 degrees, about 30 minutes. Just use one of those rimmed baking sheets instead of aluminum foil.

This is one of our favorite sides. My mom made up the recipe, because she has Celiac and couldn’t eat the onion soup mix packs from the store. I think it tastes WAAAAAAAAAY better than using those nasty onion soup mix packs…But I really don’t like those.


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