Hiking in Montana – Hike #1

Hubby actually had to work on the 4th of July, so we ended up watching copious amounts of Doctor Who (how patriotic is that???) and had our bar-b-que when he finally got home. We didn’t even do fireworks, as by the time we had dinner the kids where more than ready for bed.

Instead, we decided to go on a hike the next day.

Because of where we live in Montana we have NUMEROUS choices. I am actually a little embarressed about how little we hike around here. We have lived in this area for 2 1/2 years and we have been on only a few hikes.

My brother and his wife visited last year with my parents (who all helped us paint our house, something I am seriously grateful for…) and we decided to go on a hike. I managed to pick one that was about 30 miles away in the middle of no where and way to difficult/longer than what we wanted.

Silly me. This trail head for the hike we went on last week was just about 6 miles from our house. It was also much easier and the kids LOVED it.


 There was also a creek next to the hike that was GORGEOUS to look at. On the way up, it was cloudy so that kept us cool. On the way back the sun came out and you could see all the different colors of a simple mountain stream. I LOVED it. 

So did the kids:


They mostly scared the crap out of me. That water was moving fast and I worried about them getting too far into it. 

This hike was actually more like 6-7 miles to a lake then 6-7 miles back, but we just went up a mile or so then back. People had created areas where you could get off the path and have a small fire or sit and eat lunch, so we hit up those areas for the kids to play. 

We are determined to check out a different hike every free weekend we have (emphasis on free, we are actually pretty busy right now….)

That way when family comes to visit we can pick a good hike to go on that isn’t 30 miles from our house and isn’t insanely hard. 

We like hikes next to water, then the kids can throw rocks in the water and wade out a bit to cool off. 

It is HOT around here. But I know that the cold will last a LOT longer than the hot, so I am just embracing it for now. I have a pretty good tan from going to the pool!




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