Summer Break — the UNPLANNED version

For our summer trip we went to visit our parents (who live about 10 minutes from each other) over Memorial Day, where we got to see some of my siblings that we don’t often see.

I love visiting family, but I always feel a self conscious after not seeing them awhile. I think I want to prove to them that I am an awesome mom/fitness enthusiast/cook/whatever…But once I get over that, we always have a lovely time talking about what we are doing and reminiscing. Does anyone else do that?? I think it is a younger child syndrome (I’m the 2nd youngest in a family of 5 kids…also it always seems like my siblings are always doing really cool things and I just stay at home….with my kids…which I love, but you know what I mean…right?)

Anyways, after the weekend we got to spend sometime with my parents and Hubby’s parents for a few days before we were supposed to leave.

Note that word: supposed to leave.

I had been sniffling all week from allergies (by the way, oil pulling does NOT work for allergies. At least not mine. That’s for you my SIL). #1 and 2 both had fevers off and on right before we left and right when we got there, but Tylenol seemed to deal with it for the most part.

I ended up with the fever, then on Friday, the day before we were supposed to leave, I woke up with a HUGE sinus problem. I was shivering, fever, the WORKS.

Finally on Saturday, the day we were supposed to leave, I went into a local urgent care, and discovered that I had a sinus infection and tonsillitis. Again.

We ended up staying until Monday, as Hubby came down with sinus and ear infections himself. We BARELY made it home, but we made it. I ended up being sick for about two weeks, which has never happened before. Usually I am at least marginally better after a week, but I was pretty solidly on the couch for two weeks. I also had to go back to the doctor because my sinus’ starting acting up again…

Needless to say this blog has suffered (or has it???) from our illness. I am just barely starting to get back into the normal swing of things. Sigh.

Then our washing machine broke on Sunday. The transmission went out. Huh? It was the last thing me or the appliance repair guy expected. It was only four years old!

So after all those doctor’s visits and fixing the washer we are broke. (not really, but we are really, REALLY determined to pay off some debt, so rather than take the money from paying extra on debt we are just giving up a few things we wanted, like a pass to the local pool instead. Yes it is totally worth it)

I think we hang around home for a bit. We have a wading pool that the kids LOVE, so I think we’ll break that out. I think we’ll still go to the pool, but just not all the time.

Stay tuned for our summer schedule….



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