Family History, I am doing it! My Family History!!!!

There is a song in our Church’s Children Songbook called “Family History” and it is running through my head.

About a month ago I found a book on display at our local library called “Everything about Online Genealogy” You can find it Here on Amazon.

Intrigued, I grabbed it. My Church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is really big on family history or Genealogy, so I had dabbled in it off and on since I was a teenager.

I generally know how to search for people on and, but last February, (which is one of the absolute best genealogy sites out there, but EXTREMELY expensive) made a deal with my church so every member of our church can access it for free.

EEEEEEEEE!!!!! (this was my reaction when I found out….) My hubby and I had tried to think up ways for us to cough up the 35-40$ a month it would cost us to have a world subscription (my hubby’s family hasn’t been in the US as long as mine has…) as we both wanted to continue looking for family members and filling out the branches of our family tree.

Actually I am kind of envious of Hubby because no one has done much work on his family, so he is finding all kinds of information very quickly. I am stuck on one person. Mostly because we know next to nothing about him and I can’t find anything about him on the census for certain years, but he was married to a family member of mine. In fact, technically, I am not even related to this guy. But it is a mystery I am determined to follow up.

The book I got out of the library was actually a really good guide for someone like me. I had begun my family history, but I was unsure how to continue my search. Brick walls and such. But it makes finding something about someone better than ever.

My BS in History is really kicking in. I haven’t used my degree much since I graduated. My MA was in English, so I have been focusing on English as a subject rather than History. I’m ashamed to say I am a little rusty.

I love it. It is like a puzzle and every once in a while you find a piece that fits PERFECTLY and it is like you have won the jackpot. It is better than getting a high score on Bejewled Blitz!!


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