Motherhood, Oh Motherhood

It is a curse and blessing.


Some days I am cranky all day long and other days I absolutely LOVE being a mother.

Today, I saw #1 (the three year old) walking around pretending to talk on my cell phone. I was busy with my morning routine, laundry, dishes, etc so I just made a note of how cute he looked. He kept offering to let his little brother talk on the phone, imitating my conversations all the way. So cute!

Finally, I was curious. I pried the phone away from him and checked the call logs. Apparently I had missed a call from the gal I get my milk from and #1 had promptly called her back.

I hurriedly called the gal back and she and I had a good laugh about kids. She had a lovely conversation with my three year old until #1 said, goodbye! then she hung up.

Supposedly I could have gotten mad. Or the gal #1 called could have gotten mad, but rather we just laughed at about it and had a funny anecdote that we could tell people later.  Or to write on a blog…

Its days like this I remember why I LOVE being a mother. Especially after having two cranky days in a row…


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