Yardwork pt 2

So I recently wrote a blog about how much I hate yard work. Since then something has changed….


I’m starting….GASP….to LIKE working outside!!!!




Okay, confession time.

Over the past few weeks I have spent more than a little time outside, something that is very rare for this cook/reader.

But I realized that Hubby just doesn’t have a lot of time to help me in the yard. He is gone about 11 1/2 hours a day and we only have about one or two Saturdays a month that we actually get to stay home and even think about working in the yard. So instead of waiting for Hubby to be around to help, I realized I have to do it by myself…

I have (more or less) managed to keep my goal to work in the yard an hour a day. It has been very rewarding. My grass is lush and green, my garden is growing beautifully and my yard is starting to look more like a, well, yard, and less like the yard of a derelict, haunted house (no seriously, my yard used to be pretty creepy…My neighbor caught some kids from the high school smoking weed in the back yard because they thought it was still abandoned…)

I find it rewarding. As I continue to plug away at things, pulling weeds, mowing the lawn, I love how much cleaner and neater it looks.

I am a lazy neat freak, by the way. Does that make sense?

Okay, so I thrive in a neat and tidy environment, but I am too lazy to actually clean up. Also when my house is a complete mess, it depresses and stress me out so much I feel to overwhelmed to do anything about it. Weird right?

Since I was married and subsequently had children, I have had to learn to clean up, not only after myself but my children (including teaching my children how to clean up after themselves) and occasionally Hubby, otherwise I would be sitting in a huge stressful, depressed mess. Most likely bawling my eyes out.

#1 and #2 LOVE being outside. I found a dandelion stalk in #2’s mouth one day. They are exploring and scaring the crap out of me when I go around the corner to check on something in the back/side yard. Did I mention we still don’t have a fence in our yard?

We were completely trapped in doors for January, February and most of March, so being outside is liberating. I find that my mood is better after a stint outdoors. And I don’t mind if my kids mess something up outside, because it will grow back. Eventually.

#2 loves dirt. To eat it that is…I try to steer him away from the fertilized dirt. No I don’t do organic gardening around here.

Hubby and I managed to work in the yard yesterday. We put in an outdoor clothes line (YAYA!) We cleaned out our garage and we managed to haul a load of garbage to the dump. We have lived here for 2 1/2 years and we have never been to the dump. Mostly because I didn’t think there was one down here…

Our garage looks AWESOME. We have to clean it out every spring. We honestly should do it every fall as well, to clean up all the summer mess. But we usually forget.

By the way, our tulips finally bloomed.


This is late, even for living as high up as we do. All my other neighbors tulips bloomed and have died before mine bloomed. But aren’t they pretty? I think I will plant some lavender in that flower ‘area’ after the last frost date (memorial day around here…). It will be really pretty.



Family History, I am doing it! My Family History!!!!

There is a song in our Church’s Children Songbook called “Family History” and it is running through my head.

About a month ago I found a book on display at our local library called “Everything about Online Genealogy” You can find it Here on Amazon.

Intrigued, I grabbed it. My Church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is really big on family history or Genealogy, so I had dabbled in it off and on since I was a teenager.

I generally know how to search for people on familysearch.org and ancestry.com, but last February, ancestry.com (which is one of the absolute best genealogy sites out there, but EXTREMELY expensive) made a deal with my church so every member of our church can access it for free.

EEEEEEEEE!!!!! (this was my reaction when I found out….) My hubby and I had tried to think up ways for us to cough up the 35-40$ a month it would cost us to have a world subscription (my hubby’s family hasn’t been in the US as long as mine has…) as we both wanted to continue looking for family members and filling out the branches of our family tree.

Actually I am kind of envious of Hubby because no one has done much work on his family, so he is finding all kinds of information very quickly. I am stuck on one person. Mostly because we know next to nothing about him and I can’t find anything about him on the census for certain years, but he was married to a family member of mine. In fact, technically, I am not even related to this guy. But it is a mystery I am determined to follow up.

The book I got out of the library was actually a really good guide for someone like me. I had begun my family history, but I was unsure how to continue my search. Brick walls and such. But it makes finding something about someone better than ever.

My BS in History is really kicking in. I haven’t used my degree much since I graduated. My MA was in English, so I have been focusing on English as a subject rather than History. I’m ashamed to say I am a little rusty.

I love it. It is like a puzzle and every once in a while you find a piece that fits PERFECTLY and it is like you have won the jackpot. It is better than getting a high score on Bejewled Blitz!!

Motherhood, Oh Motherhood

It is a curse and blessing.


Some days I am cranky all day long and other days I absolutely LOVE being a mother.

Today, I saw #1 (the three year old) walking around pretending to talk on my cell phone. I was busy with my morning routine, laundry, dishes, etc so I just made a note of how cute he looked. He kept offering to let his little brother talk on the phone, imitating my conversations all the way. So cute!

Finally, I was curious. I pried the phone away from him and checked the call logs. Apparently I had missed a call from the gal I get my milk from and #1 had promptly called her back.

I hurriedly called the gal back and she and I had a good laugh about kids. She had a lovely conversation with my three year old until #1 said, goodbye! then she hung up.

Supposedly I could have gotten mad. Or the gal #1 called could have gotten mad, but rather we just laughed at about it and had a funny anecdote that we could tell people later.  Or to write on a blog…

Its days like this I remember why I LOVE being a mother. Especially after having two cranky days in a row…