How to clean 2 bathrooms in 30 minutes.

The other day I had to make bread, but it was also my day for cleaning the bathrooms.

While my bread was rising, I decided to see if I could clean the bathrooms (one full bath and one 3/4 bath) during the time it took to allow the bread to rise (about 30 minutes), including sweeping AND moping the floor with two cute little kids trying to help.

I did it. 🙂

First: Sweep through both bathrooms and clear all the stuff off the counters (soap, toothbrushes, lotion, etc) I usually stuff it under the sinks, but sometimes I’ll put it on the floor outside the bathroom (or on the bed so little hands can’t play with it). Get out the rugs and laundry baskets too. Bring the toilet bowl cleaner and shower cleaner with you, and spray both down so they can soak while you do the rest of the cleaning.

Second: Grab your mirror cleaner and counter top cleaner. Clean mirrors and counter top in one bathroom then clean mirrors and counter top in the other bathroom.

Third: Using the same cloth, spray down the toilet (I use the same cleaner as what I clean my countertops with) and carefully wipe down everything except the inside of the bowl. Then run to the other bathroom and clean that toilet. Make sure to clean the entire outside of the toilet, down to the back where it connects to the floor. (I don’t know about you, but I have little boys. They miss.) If you have potty training little ones, clean their toilet seat or potty chair now too.

Fourth: Grab a clean cloth (you don’t want to reuse the cloth that has cleaned your toilet) and wipe down your shower/tub. Then go to the other bathroom and wipe down/scrub how the shower/tub there.

Fifth: Grab your broom and mop. Sweep out both bathrooms, then mop both bathrooms.

Sixth: Let that dry for a few minutes, then clean out both toilet bowls, with a toilet scrub brush.

And your DONE!

Please note that this doesn’t really include any detail cleaning. But if you clean your bathrooms once a week (like I try to do) it will keep your bathrooms clean. Also, I wash all my towels and sheets and rugs (linens) on a different day.

If any one is interested, I use 50% vinegar and 50% water for my counter top and toilet spray. I use 50% dish soap and 50% vinegar for my shower spray. I buy my toilet bowl cleaner and mirror cleaner, although I like the 7th Generation or all natural stuff if I can afford it. It smells better….

My 3 1/2 year old helps by spraying the shower and toilet for me. Because they are mostly vinegar, he can’t hurt himself if he accidentally sprays his mouth or eyes. He actually does a good job, I just have to add a little to get everything clean. He loves to help.

What is your record for fastest bathroom cleaning?


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