Chores, Chores, CHORES

I wrote a blog post about how I realized that I needed to treat being a stay-at-home mom more like a job. One of those ways is to have a weekly chore schedule. I seriously need to create one for deep cleaning and monthly projects, but I haven’t gotten that far yet. Pintrest has a lot of really good ideas!

Here is our schedule.


Mornings: put a load of laundry in the washer and fold the one from the day before. Make breakfast and empty the dishwasher and do any remaining dishes from the night before. Check what we are having for dinner and do any prep required (such as defrosting meat or marinating something)

Afternoons: After naps see if you can work in the yard. As the days get nicer this will be easier but it honestly doesn’t happen every day right now.

Evenings clean up after dinner and make sure the dishwasher gets started. Sweep out the kitchen and highchair disaster area. Spot mop if necessary.


Change all the sheets and wash all linens. Make sure rooms are clean and vacuum. This is also the day I try to do my blog posts for the week. I don’t really consider this a chore, but it gives me a day to work on it.


Clean hardwood floors (my house is 75% hardwood floors in a 2000 sq ft house, this takes awhile) and bake for the week. (I make all my bread from scratch right now. I even grind the wheat…)


Storytime. There is no time to do a chore on the day we go to storytime at the library….


Clean Bathrooms.


Detail Kitchen. Make sure the microwave gets cleaned out and clean out the fridge in preparation for shopping on Saturday.


Go to grocery store while Hubby watches the kids (once a month we go to Costco {Huzzah Magic Powers} We live 45 min from the nearest Costco {Huzzah Magic Powers}). Yard Work, clean garage, etc…

Sunday: Rest, because that three-hour-block of church is going to WEAR YOU OUT. In a good way.

You will notice that I do a load of laundry every day. Yup. That helps to keep me on top of the laundry in our house. With only the four of us I actually end up skipping a day around Thursday because I don’t have enough for a load. I usually do a load of cloth diapers, but I really should wash our living room blankets or other blankets or curtains etc.. right now in preparation for summer.

I seriously need to figure out when to do those monthly or seasonal chores like cleaning out the dryer hose (ours extents half the length of our house….) or organizing closets. Which seriously needs to happen.

I also do various things during nap times like home improvements or sewing. I am pretty horrible at both of those things so they require my full undivided attention….and no little hands trying to help.

Actually I had to start taking naps during nap time because I have been trying to lose a little bit of weight and I wasn’t eating enough to compensate for the amount I was working out. I’m still working that out, but hopefully I’ll get it figured out soon. I don’t want to become TOO skinny.


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