Vacuuming…with Children

Have you ever heard the phrase: trying to clean your house with kids is like brushing your teeth while eating oreos?




I vacuumed my living room floor three times today.


Over the weekend we had popcorn. It was everywhere (I don’t do chores on Sunday…) And Mr. Hoover wasn’t picking any of it up, in spite of running over it a million times. In fact Mr. Hoover spread the popcorn even further.

My indicator said that it was loosing major suction, so I unplugged it (actually I started taking it apart, then it occurred to me that I should unplug it before my 3 year old turned it on while my hand was in the roller or something…)

Apparently if your 3 year old sticks magnets and coins in the hose, it will seriously hinder Mr. Hoover’s sucking power.

I managed to extract the objects, then I had to use an old hanger to remove all of the dirt that had built up in the hose. It took FOR-EV-ER. It didn’t help with #1 started joyously grinding the extracted dust into the carpet.


After sending a screaming 3 year old to his room (the 1 year old was pinned in his high chair…he was eventually screaming too), I managed to get the Mr. Hoover suctioning properly. (is it weird that I give inanimate objects names? No? Maybe? Em, you are crazy?)

Attempt 2. Now it was making a weird noise. I vacuumed the entire room before I realized that I had improperly attached the dust canister to the vacuum. After some colorful language (in my head…I rarely swear out loud no matter how tempted…I just don’t want my kids repeating that….) I managed to get the DAMN thing reattached and started on my 3rd attempt.

I just vacuumed the highest trafficking area on that third attempt. No way was I doing the whole floor again.

Then I had to go make up with #1 and carefully explain that we don’t play with the vacuum. I’m not sure he got any of it. But I gave him a hug and a kiss and he helped me vacuum the rest of the house. He is pretty handy with plugging in the vacuum and helping me wind up the cord (before anyone freaks out, #1 is three-and-a-half, but he knows how to properly plug things in without electrocuting himself.)

#2 just stayed in his high chair and screamed. He likes to trip me from behind or plop himself right in front of the vacuum. I have to put him somewhere he won’t follow me….He did eat an entire pear (including the core) though, so I think he was happy enough in spite of the screams.

I sincerely hope my parenting doesn’t mess my kids up…


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