Welcome New Hires! (Appliances)

We actually got our new hires a while ago, but we are so excited to announce:




Whirlpool Fridge!!!

We are so excited about your larger fridge section and the bottom freezer. (Huzzah!) We think you will be a wonderful addition to our company. (Sidenote: why on EARTH do they have Refrigerators with the fridge on the BOTTOM?!?! That makes absolutely no sense. You are in the fridge the most and who wants to crouch down every time you want to sort or get something out of the fridge. Seriously. Also, I hate side-by-sides because they don’t have as much room.)




Bosch Dishwasher! We love your stainless steel interior and your very own personal water-heater so we don’t end up taking cold showers! (except if you shower right after Hubby!! LOVE YOU SWEETIE!) Welcome to the company!!



WasteKing garbage disposal!! You don’t LEAK!! And you have 1 horsepower of motor that makes all those peelings and cores a breeze! Welcome to the company.


Yup, these are all new hires, but we wanted workers that would last and not crap on us because they were old. (Yes, we are age discriminate around here…)

The little people were THRILLED at the new hires. #1 kept asking if he could turn on the dishwasher. Both of them have tried/opened the freezer and both have tried to crawl into the dishwasher. Whatever keeps them happy…

There will be Lentil Sloppy Joes and Homemade tomato soup in the break room at lunch, everyone is welcome to join!

Not pictured:

We did get a new wheat grinder too. It has been REALLY, REALLY nice. Less mess, easier cleanup and the engine doesn’t overheat anytime I want to grind more than 4 cups of wheat….The only drawback is that it doesn’t grind the hulls very well. My last one you couldn’t even tell there were any hulls.





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