Scheduling for Toddlers

I’ve heard a lot of different schedules for preschool age kids. Mostly on Pintrest.

One gal I heard about had a goal to have an outing EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Hey, look at those cute feet!
Hey, look at those cute feet! And my messy coat rack area…

That panics me. Excessively.

Around here in the winter, we don’t go out. Not only do I live 30 miles from the nearest McDonald’s/Starbucks/indoor playground, we honestly don’t have the money to spend at places like that. Or the gas to spend to get there. Or the roads are too messy to get there. And you can only really go to the library once a week. Especially our tiny library where they rarely have new books or the new ones that are available are all picked over VERY QUICKLY.

So I had to create a schedule for this winter that allowed for us to spend a lot of time at home without going bonkers.

Here it is (if you are at all interested)

Winter Schedule:

6am I get up, read scriptures, pray, write in journal, have general study time. Hubby is out the door by 6:30am. We have actually worked it so that he does his own routine in the morning. I think he likes to have a  bit of time to himself in the mornings. I have tried getting up with him and making him breakfast, but it actually makes him a bit ancy instead of being helpful.

7am I do a work out video in the living room. Depending on if I manage to get up at 6 or 6:30am, this can last an hour or half an hour.

8am Get kids (who have been awake for an hour) up and feed them breakfast.

9am Breakfast clean-up, and chore of the day. (like cleaning the bathrooms, vacuuming, laundry, changing sheets, pay bills, etc…) Small people have to help with this. Usually they are able to do a little. Like roll around on the quilts while I change the sheets. But hey, it works.

10am learning time. This is the time of day I specifically set aside to learn with my 3 1/2 yr old. Sometimes we play with blocks, sometimes we read BOB books, sometimes we practice counting and simple addition or subtractions. Sometimes we practice our colors or ABCs. We just do something specifically about learning. (this is a precursor to home-preschool next year. We can’t afford the $50-100 a month for preschool, so we are going to do it at home. I like this gal’s set-up right now with some modifications.)

This can also be an outing as well. Like we go to the grocery store or the library for story time or a play date, etc.

11:30am Lunch and cleanup.

12:30-3pm, naps (dependent on how sleepy the kids are…or aren’t) I get to do WHATEVER I WANT during this time. Lately I have been taking naps.

3pm-4pm Reading Time. I had to set aside a specific time to read with my kids because I just wasn’t getting around to it otherwise. We get LOTS of books from the library to supplement our meager library at home.

4pm – 5pm Dinner prep. Usually will things are cooking we will do something like write this blog, play the piano, get out blocks. Sometimes, if I am really at the end of my rope I will turn on Curious George or Clifford or another kids show for #1 to watch. It keeps him out from under my legs (literally) so I can move hot pans on the stove without tripping over him. #2 usually ends up in his high chair with a snack, because there is no other way to get him out from under my feet.

5:30 -6:30pm (ish, depending on when Hubby gets home) Dinner, cleanup and family scripture study.

6:30pm – bath time and getting read for bed. (we actually only bath the kids ever other day unless they really, really need it)

7pm Bedtime. Yup. My kids go to bed at 7. It is WONDERFUL.  After they are in bed, I usually fold a bit of laundry, do a bit of extra clean up, etc so that my house isn’t a completely wreck the next morning.

This is a pretty loose schedule and is subject to change….frequently. But this is usually my goal. When the weather is good, we do like to get outside to go to the park, etc.

But we have been having sub-zero temps and 1 ft piles of snow out doors. We just can’t get out…In fact everything is melting and made the horrible mistake of walking to the library today. Pushing a stroller. It was very messy. VERY messy. Talk about slush. I had to walk in the middle of the roads and I ended up holding up traffic at one point because I couldn’t get the stroller through the slush off to the side of the road. The road was piled with 3 ft high plowed snow.

Is winter over yet??

In the summer we are outside a LOT more and I like to get a pass to our local pool that is just across the main street. #1 LOVES the pool and I think #2 will like it better this year than he did last year!

Also, I’m going to have to work yard work into this equation. I hate yard work. A lot. But it must be done!


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