Blizzard Warning….

I seriously wish I meant the Dairy Queen Ice Cream kind of blizzard.

Nope, a real blizzard.

All the schools have been closed in the area, the library is closed, EVERYTHING.

Have I mentioned that it has been snowing off and on WITH NO PROPER THAW all February???

This is my yard:


You can’t see it, but it is snowing again. That snow is at least a foot deep and it is supposed to snow all week as well. Boo.

This morning, Hubby got up and, insanely I thought, went to meet his van pool like he always does at about 6:30 am. I was just stirring, or I might have put up a bigger fuss than I did about him going out in the whirling snow.

So he got all the way up to his job (it takes about an 1 1/2 hour with stops for him to get to work) when I got a call from his boss letting us know that his work had declared a snow day.

I called Hubby and let him know. It was optional (at the time) so he could’ve hung around all day until the van pool came back.

Welp, crap. He was already about an hour away and I was without a car to go and get him (one of our cars is at the mechanics), and what with the weather was I wasn’t about to drag a 1 and 3 year old on what promised to be a carnival ride of a drive over 30 miles (and back) to get him.

Now what?

Hubby tried to call a cab, but they were only going in an eight mile radius with the weather. Then his work did a mandatory shut down of the building, and he had no where to go.

Luckily a very, VERY nice person drove about 20 miles out of their way to get him back to the van pool pick up site so he could go home.

My prayers were answered. I have my Hubby safe at home so he can help me if the power decides to go out and he can play with the kids while we are trapped inside.

I am grateful, though, that the Lord answered my prayers. It was kind of a stressful morning. Every news report made me want to cringe at the thought of Hubby trying to drive home in that mess. The road that goes from our town to the city he works in is a 4 lane highway, sans barriers. It can be REALLY dangerous when the weather is bad because there is no barrier to prevent a head-on collision. In fact about a week ago we came on an accident that, had we been a few minutes earlier, would have put US in a head-on collision.

I know the Lord is listening.

#1 had a blast wading through knee deep snow around our yard. Now it is getting snowed in. It is WAAAAAY too snowy around here.
#1 had a blast wading through knee deep snow around our yard. Now it is getting snowed in. It is WAAAAAY too snowy around here.

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