Interesting People of Montana (I’m sure this is at least part 1)

Look, Potato Farmers!
Look, Potato Farmers!

Has anyone seen this blog by Hyperbole and a half? The Rural Montana Survival Guide?

Well, this isn’t too far from the truth.

We like to go to the library for an outing. It is a tiny library, mostly used for all the people around here who don’t have A) the internet and B) a computer.

Yes those people still exist.

I actually had a conversation with a guy at the self checkout about owning a computer. I mentioned that at our library in a different state they would email your receipt, which I mentioned was nice for keeping track of books and for saving paper.

He said, “Oh, I don’t have a computer. I don’t need one of those modern things!”

I was flummoxed. I’m afraid I stood there, with my kids running around getting into things, and stared at him for an extremely awkward minute.

Then I came to myself and said something polite, but I’m pretty sure I was clear that I thought he had lost his marbles.

I gathered my children and left as quickly and awkwardly as possible to get out of the conversation.

We have other adventures at the library, mostly trying to tell if that man is just a friendly (although ill-kept) man or a creepy pedophile that we need to avoid. Honestly, most days we can’t tell the difference.

I had a whole conversation the other day with a man who was going on an airplane for the first time since 9/11 to meet his grandchild. He was really worried about it, because he told me his whole itinerary and where he was going when he got there.

But these men always LOVE seeing the boys. These nice, older (although ill-kept) men love to talk to my kids and get them to smile. Once, I was at the drug store and my son ran off to the Soda fountain and asked for Ice cream while I was trying to do something else. One of these kind men forked over the 50 cents for a small ice cream cone for him.

Just goes to show you that appearances don’t always mean everything.


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