Bathtime at our house

Today I plopped the boys in the bath after nap time.

Mostly because I needed them to be distracted so I could finish this book that I have been looking forward to for quite some time. (It is the latest in Tamora Pierce’s Circle of Magic Series, Battle Magic. I enjoy her books.)

Also, they both needed a bath.

They were happily splashing along playing with each other, dumping water on each other’s heads. I intervened once or twice when the splashing got a little too rambunctious, or when someone (#1) tried to dump a cup of water outside the tub.

I only had one chapter left, when suddenly my three year old help up something that looked like….

Oh gross.

It was poop. A LOG of poop. A BIG one. How can so much poop come out of such a little person???!?!


Bath time was over.


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