You know you have boys when…..

When you go to vacuum the house and, unlike girls, my boys follow me around screaming at the top of their lungs enjoying the entire experience.

Then they have to try to grab the vacuum so they can figure out how it works. While you are vacuuming.

I think I tripped over my one-year-old twice today trying to vacuum. #2 was also fascinated with the cord and got tangled up in it several times.

In the last room, I finally put #2 in his crib so I could vacuum without tripping over a child and pull at the cord without worrying about accidentally strangling a child. He just screamed happily at the top of his lungs, along with his brother until I was done.

They LOVE it when I vacuum.

I usually wait until they are napping or down for the night to vacuum.

Otherwise I want to hide in the bathroom for a while to get away from my kids for a couple minutes. With chocolate. Maybe that explains all the apple pie I ate after dinner.


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