Oh my beautiful, beautiful pressure cooker. How I love thee! Let me count the ways…

My MIL gave me a pressure cooker for Christmas.

Not just any old pressure cooker, an electric one.

Think of it like a slow-cooker, only it is for pressure cooking. But you can also do slow-cooker/crock-pot recipes in it.

My inner cooking geek is screaming shrilly at the thought.

I love it.

The other day I got some apples that I out of my freezer (about 4 apples, cut peeled and cored), tossed them in the pressure cooker, added about a cup of water and some cinnamon. Then I set the cooker to cook on manual for 5 minutes.

When it was done (mind you it takes a little longer because it has to reach the pressure point) I had applesauce. BOOM BABY.

Here is one of my favorite things to do in it: BEANS.

You can cook beans in under half an hour from dried, not soaked. By the way, did you know that it is a TON cheaper to buy dried beans than it is to buy canned? And way better for you?

I just chucked about 2 cups of beans in (I do soak mine, because I find they cook a little more evenly. But you can soak them during the day and an hour before dinner, you can toss them in the pressure cooker and have dinner) with some seasonings (like some chili powder, dried or fresh onion, dried or fresh garlic, oregano and maybe a pinch of cayenne pepper), add enough water to cover them, set your pressure cooker for 2o-25 minutes (15-20 if soaked) and BOOM you have beans.

Another favorite: barbecue chicken.

Some nights, for whatever reason, I just don’t get around to defrosting meat or getting dinner going earlier in the day like I normally do. Or I have forgotten that I was supposed to defrost something, but I can’t do it in the microwave.

This is what I do:

I take two frozen chicken breasts, dump them in the pressure cooker. Add about 1 cup of barbecue sauce (we like Sweet Baby Rays). Set pressure cooker to cook for about 15 mins. BOOM: BBQ chicken. We eat it on tortillas or rolls with cheese and I throw together a salad to eat with it. Easiest dinner on the planet, and I didn’t have to do anything pre-made or take-out related.

Choirs of heavenly angels singing!!

I highly recommend it. But they aren’t cheap, as I have discovered. Here is mine:

Pressure Cooker

It is awesome and totally worth the investment. No I am not being paid to advertise, I just really, REALLY like this pressure cooker. Besides, I didn’t pay for it. It was a gift. I’m just sayin’.


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